Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Boy H

I am seriously SO behind...I think a month ago, I got to attend an awesome shower for an amazing friend from our of course I made her baby boy to arrive soon a gift! It is so much fun sewing for babies! I love it...
But aside from the gift, this woman's shower blessed me tremendously...I got to help out my friend, and I got to learn more about God and His plans for me and my lack of trusting Him in all aspects of my life by listening to friends share about her journey, and I was inspired and comforted beyond words...I am on another journey with God different from the past journey God took me on:-) that I am not ready to share about...mostly because at the place I am it is difficult to put into words where I am and mostly because it is not even close to over and my growth in this area is at the beginning not even close to a point where I can discuss it bear with me as I am vague...

So back to the gift...I made a blanket, burp cloth, and bib set...similar ones (boy and girl variety) will be available in the shop soon! hehe if all my friends would STOP having babies so I could concentrate on my shop! LOL just kidding of course!

I LOVE these bibs...they are awesome...terry cloth and flannel...with a rib knit neck! oh how I use these with Holden...they stay on...and even though he is now 2 and can take them off...he only does when he is done eating! They are big enough to cover and they go in the wash likety split!
Oh and I got new packaging stuff for the shop...including tags and cards! So fun!

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you are so incredibly talented! wow. i love your stuff.