Monday, September 15, 2008

My Day in Pictures...well part of it :-)

So Grandmere is out of town on a much deserved holiday...she usually watches MJ and Holden on Mondays and Wednesday...while Beth works and I get some time to work on my own stuff (see sidebar)
So like I said Grandmere is on holiday so Holden and I got to play with MJ for 2 Mondays and 1 Wednesday:-) Seriously tiring...BUT so fun...they loved on their babies as you can see today...and much sidewalk chalk (will post later)...some park time, snack time you know...
It was fun...but needless to say I needed nap time myself! And I got none of my own stuff done:-)
But alas Grandmere is back in action on Wednesday:-)

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Laura said...

What sweet pictures!!