Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Friends had some Babies:-)

So of course we had to celebrate! The above onesie was made for a friend whom I have never met, but I talk to her almost everyday...remember my trip to Dallas? She is one of those friends...although one who didn't make the trip...ANYWAY, she had her second boy, and now she has a big P and a little p :-) too cute!

Now these were made for our close friends who just had their 3rd boy! The gender was a surprise, so I waited until I knew boy or girl, because I had a totally tricked out girl version of this planned, but alas a boy joined the fam...hehe, I still had fun...The best part was when the daddy said, "That's my Taylor!" So fun to know that it ACTUALLY looks like his guitar, which of course is what I was going for!

Just some fun!

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