Monday, December 22, 2008

Some More Friends had Some More Babies...

I know I am seriously behind...I have a TON to blog about but I REALLY need to finish a website for my brother in law! A deadline approaches so I am sure in a few weeks I will be doing a MAJOR bear with me please!

Anyway, as the title states, some more friends had some more babies...The above onesie was created for a friend from the group of girls who inspired the Dallas trip, another who could not make the trip, who had her second boy:-) I love how the G turned out!

This was made for Amy, another friend from the above mentioned trip...Her son was anxiously awaited for, and we are SO excited for his arrival!

This package was for one of my college roommates who just had a baby girl...when I found out Ashley was having a girl I just had to get this fabric for her...Ashley taught me all about wearing black...surprisingly before I met her I had no black shoes and hardly ever wore the a mainstay in my wardrobe:-) She taught me a lot about God too...which is obviously the more important gift:-)

Anyway I love how these all turned out! I hope the recipients all enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

I love the last gift, it is so fashionable! Very cool, I only wish I was so talented. You are so blessed! How are you guys doing?

J and A Greywoode said...

i love what you made for me!!! the fabric is beautiful and yes very special to know you picked it out especially for me. glad to hear that the whole black thing stuck, hehe :) and yes, God did bless us with a wonderful friendship, i miss you!

Chloe said...

Hi! My name is Chloe Murdoch and I linked to your blog through Bryan Stupars following on his :). I just wanted to say Hi and to tell you that your designs are so beautiful and I cant wait to have kids just to be able to dress them in such cute things! (ok that is not the only reason that I would like to have kids but it will be so fun to dress them) :) I really love the shirt with the G on it so cute, actually I think that I want one for myself but with a C! :)
Any way, I also saw that you are in to Photography! I am also and I work here in San Luis as a Photographer shooting moms, babies, kids, families and weddings. Our studio is called Mike Larson Photographers inc. I have on my blog several baby shoots and have a few more in the works so let me know what you think as I love to have input from others :). Have a blessed day and keep up the great work!


anna, you are so incredibly talented. i think i've said it before, but i can't help but think it every time i see more of your stuff. amazing!