Monday, December 08, 2008

Tree Trimming 2008

As I mentioned before Grandmere and Granpere were out to get the biggest tree they could...and they did...part of tradition is a tree trimming party...really its just a dinner, with a fire in the fire place hot cider, etc...some ornaments get put up...but not a whole lot...although the lights do go up and the tree gets secured...don't ask but this year that included some cable...

The above pic is MJ while Tom sat across from her trying to get her to smile, or maybe she was trying REALLY hard not to smile:-)

Here is Tom balanced on the railing...teaching our son about two story railing climbing ;-) oh and putting lights up!

Beth is all about Christmas spirit and cheer and all that, so she is in charge of house too:-)

Here Holden and Grandmere are hanging an ornament...

This year we had a special treat because Grandpere pulled out his trombone and he and Grandmere played Christmas Carols for us! I have NEVER seen this trombone...I know it hasn't come out in the 10 years I have been part of his family, so it was really a special treat!

The kids love sitting with Grandmere at the piano:-)

When we were done the Christmas season was in full swing:-)

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