Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Since we left the hospital exactly 24 hours after Daniel's birth, there wasn't much time for visitors in the hospital, but we of course still felt very loved and have welcomed many visitors in our home...of course I forgot to photograph those visitors:-)

I love watching Tom with our sons...he has the best way of holding them...this photo does not show his skills...I should try to photograph all his holds, many people comment about them...but the boys seem to like them:-)

Grandmere got in on the action...she was leaving town for a few days and was glad Daniel made his appearance before she left!

Tante Beth was at the hospital visiting Baby A, so she got to see lots of me and Daniel, as she was there most of the 24 hours we were:-)

Sweet Asha came and saw us on his birthday as we have this picture of her with each of our sons:-)

And lets not forget Grandma, who gave 2+ weeks of her life waiting for this guy:-) We kept her busy though;-P

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