Sunday, August 09, 2009

Week of Bliss

Our first week with a newborn is always bliss:-) We are still riding the wave of labor...People come to visit, meals are made for us...We get a ton of help...and the baby eats, sleeps, and poops:-)

Tom worked this week because my mom was here, he will take off next week...

We look at this little guy, and often exclaim, "God gave us two little boys! What fun!" Having a girl would have been fun too, but both Tom and I remarked in the last weeks how much fun we thought Holden would have with a brother! God knows best after all!

LOVE newborn feet!

At the hospital, we thought Daniel didn't look anything like Holden, but in looking at Holden's newborn pictures we definitely see the resemblance! Neither of my boys got my coloring...oh well:-)

Just lounging...this is what we do most days:-) While my mom plays with Holden:-)

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