Sunday, August 09, 2009

Grandma Leaves:(

The best laid plans right? When we were waiting for Holden my mom came 2 weeks or so before my due date...I thought I was going to go she didn't want to miss it, and I didn't want her to we waited for 2 weeks, and he came 2 days before his due date:-) And then she stayed and helped us for about a week afterwards...
Well, this time we thought 3 weeks might be a little much, and I was sure I would deliver sometime the week before my due date no earlier, she came 1 week before my due date. Well the due date came and went, and so did the next week...and well 8 days late and a week of help after she left today after being here a little more than 3 weeks! Oh well, it was fun! And Holden got nice and spoiled, and had so much fun with Grandma!

But it had to come to an end, and with many tears by most parties, we dropped my mom at the airport and she went home...Now reality is going to set in, no one to do my laundry, make us meals, take care of one child while I attend to the other...I will miss her and count the days till her return:-)

We love you mom, Grandma!

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