Monday, December 21, 2009

Holden and his books

Remember this?  Well Holden's love for books is still strong...when he gets a present he always thinks its a book, he wants to check the mail with me everyday just in case his magazine comes that day, and the day his magazine comes....we read that thing from cover to cover, at least 5 times!

We go to the library every 3 weeks, and each time we come out with 10-12 books for Holden...I have started asking him ahead of time what kind of books he wants to get so we can have a theme for the trip...I am amazed at what cool books we have found in the non-fiction section...this last time it was sea creatures, whales, sharks, polar was so fun and I am learning new things too...for instance did you know that hippos sweat a red substance that keeps them from getting sunburned?  me neither!

Just recently I took Holden to the bookstore for a date...OH.MY.GOODNESS!  He was in heaven...we were there to pick out a book for his preschool book exchange...He picked up a million books and wanted to read them/buy them for his friends at school...too cute!  He ended up picking out one of his favorites that we own...I saw a million I wanted to buy him but I restrained myself!  He also picked out a book for Daniel, so he could pretend to be Good Saint Nick and give him a present:-)  I can't explain how much fun I had just being there with him and watching his eyes light up with each book he chose...I love books myself so I am excited to see what adventures he goes on through his books...He currently loves the Magic School Bus series, which is so fun because it is science related and deals with real stuff in a fun way...again I am learning a lot while reading to him...

We read 2 stories at naptime, and 2 stories at well as plenty throughout the day...we are thinking of going down to one story at the bedtimes because he is starting to get into longer books and bedtime is taking over 30 minutes!

I love my son and I love that he loves books!

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april said...

Also a fellow book lover I am so glad Holden has adopted the same bad habit, loving books and wanting to have own a million!