Tuesday, December 15, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

I feel like we have been decorating the tree for weeks!  Since we had such a big tree...we had to get more lights...and most of our ornaments are not the right scale...I didn't even put the first years ornaments on because they were so tiny I don't think you would see them...Our first year we got a living potted tree...it was small...In fact I think we used that one our second year too...Oh well...here are some new and old ornaments...

I bought these last year?  Or maybe the year before I thought Holden would like them...I was right...some look a little worse for wear due to his "liking" them but they are good for him to get one and off and they are real bells...a plus in his world:-)

This is a new addition to our tree, but it adorned my trees growing up for as long as I can remember...I had brought some ornaments back last year and this year they got put on:-)  They don't go with my red and white only theme but I decided this might be the year to start letting that go since I anticipated a handmade ornament from Holden made at preschool ...I'm happy I put these all on...I was reminded of my childhood looking at these:-)

Speaking of the preschool ornament...this is it...Now I must admit I was kind of dreading the preschool ornament...I mean it sounds terrible, but I just imagined something not so pretty...BUT Ms. Wendy and Ms. Danica strike again!  I ADORE this ornament...they took the kid's hands and made a hand print on the bottom of the ornament and turned the fingers into snowmen!  It is priceless!  LOVE it!



These snowflakes were a new purchase...they are felt...I love felt:-)  And they are big...so they worked with the scale of our tree best...And they are red with glitter:-)


Daniel loves to sit under the tree and admire the colors and lights...it's fun to watch the kids experience the decorations of the season:-)

LOVE to catch Holden admiring the tree...pulling ornaments on and off...having a good time:-)



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