Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snow Day 2010!

About a week before Christmas I was driving with Holden and we were talking...I can't remember exactly how the conversation started, but it was about Christmas and when it would be...I asked him if he was excited...and then why...his answer, "because I want it to snow!" he was SO sure there would be snow on Christmas...I felt bad telling him no there would be no snow on Christmas...but I told him we could do our annual New Year's hike in the snow:-)  Well we didn't make it New Year's Day, but we did make it the next day...Grandmere caught the picture above...I was too slow...she stepped in front of my camera and I had to give up:-)

Daniel was all bundled up...He really doesn't care where we take him as long as he is in the carrier he's good...Uncle Josh held him for a while so I could do a sled pictures of that because I was sledding and Beth was back at the car with Miss A:-)  so no proof...

the big kids were ready for the snow...even with their limited gear...although about halfway through Holden got some snow in his rain boot and it was a near tragedy...lots of whining and crying that comes with being three... MJ on the other hand...well keep reading and you will see.



Beth was ready!

The Daddy's had as much fun as the kids I think...probably because they are just big kids themselves:-)


MJ could not get enough of the sledding!  She is a little snow was too icy or too cold...a few icy fingers were not going to stop her...neither was her 80's era snowsuit!  Gotta love hand me downs:-)  I think Tom and Josh took her down the run 15 times each!  She even went down face first!  Notice her Ziploc baggie kerchief in her upper pocket?  That's her chip bag...


Uncle Josh...well he was a mad man...his runs were always a bit out of control...AND his faces were hilarious this was his first run and he got injured when he ran the kids into a small bush...luckily he recovered quickly!


We finally found a run that was good for just needed a little stop so that the kids wouldn't go off down a steeper fall...the big boys worked on that...they had a lot of fun doing it...Seriously we always have so much fun with Beth and Josh and the girls...many tears are shed...tears of laughter...and when the boys work on something together there is usually an injury...but they have fun doing it!


Shortly after the snow in boot incident Holden gave up sledding...he didn't like it...At age three he has become the opposite of a daredevil...he is timid about a lot of things...we will see how it pans out through the years...


Seriously look at Josh's face...and MJ's


Tom was much more controlled although he had more snow spray...His face looks just as fun:-)

Oh how I love this man!  Thank you Tom for keeping me active and outdoorsy, even when I try to be a homebody with our babies:-)

MJ decided to try to slide on her own face first, was more like an army crawl...


The Peterson clan minus Miss A....I think they had fun...

What a fun day!  Grandmere and Grandpere were there too:-)
A great way to start the new year!

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