Friday, February 12, 2010

Coming out of his shell!


 This guy steals my heart more each day!  Yesterday we went to his preschool Valentine party and my suspicions were confirmed...He has come out of his shell...I noticed 2 weeks ago that something changed...he wanted to hurry to preschool, he was so proud to show daddy his school, he went right in, said goodbye to me and was fine!

I asked the teachers and they said yes they had noticed that he was different, like a switch had gone off and now he participates and is making friends:-)  That makes a mama feel great!

And then yesterday, oh yesterday, he was SO animated and actually playing with the boys, he ran and gave both teachers big hugs, gave them each their valentine, and in general was the fun loving boy I always see at home!  I LOVED IT!  I heard the teachers say more than once, "we have never seen this side of him before!" I hope it continues, and that he loves school for years and years:-)

Oh AND he willingly went into Sunday school for the first time in probably 1.5 years and LOVED it...Thank goodness for Sutter Butter and Grandpa Bob(ie his friend and his favorite helper:-))!

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