Saturday, February 06, 2010


Today we celebrated Beth's birthday...her birthday falls on the weekend of the homeshow...poor girl:-) But we had fun, we brought the kids up to her mom's and we baked most of the day:-) She picked a Martha Stewart recipe...

Here it is...inside out black forest cake...VERY tasty...although maybe not good enough for the amount of work it entailed but still good...and SO fun baking with Beth:-)  In fact most everything is fun with Beth.  We have a great relationship, I have been so blessed with Sisters in my life I really can't complain:-)  We see each other almost everyday, if we don't see each other we talk on the phone...I am quite sure she is tired of all my talking most days, but it is fun:-)  

Happy Birthday Beth!  We love you!  Thank you for being such and awesome sister and Aunt! 

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