Friday, February 05, 2010

Daniel at 6 months...


This week Daniel turned 6 months!  It's gone by SO fast!  Not sure where it went but he is growing well and giving us such joy and laughs...So here is what 6 months looks like for Daniel...

:: I don't know his measurements, as the job situation led to a slight gap in insurance, but we will be back on track next month and will go in for a 7 month check up instead...not to sad about having shots delayed a little bit...::

::My guess for current weight and height?  Probably 19lbs, and 30"?  we will see if I am close::

::Like his big brother he has begun sitting up for short stints...he even was able to sit in the cart for a bit at Trader Joes when I forgot my carrier...good thing because my arm would have fallen off!::

::Didn't care for bananas or rice cereal on his 6 month birthday...I tried two days in a row...guess we will wait on that!::
::Much prefers to watch Big Brother than any toy right now...although he will sit for quite a bit and investigate each toy thoroughly...::

::Says some sounds and some word like sounds are coming out..."hi" is said at appropriate maybe that's his first word?::

::Smiles a ton, and is SERIOUS the rest of the time!::

Ok thats about it:-)

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