Friday, February 19, 2010

Heard Recently...

A conversation with Holden...
Me: "What books do you want to get at the library"
Holden: "Lots! Maybe something like the Washington boy...who was that boy? The Washington boy with the curly hair?"
Me: "I don't know what else can you tell me about him?" I am thinking at this point he's talking about a friend from Washington? Not sure though...
Holden: "Oh I know, GEORGE WASHINGTON...yeah he was a president."
Me: "Oh yes, did you learn about him in preschool?"
Holden: "Yes, but he's not the president anymore, now Barack Obama is president"
Me: "yep you are right"
Holden: "Mom where is the lighthouse?"
Me: "what lighthouse?"
Holden: "you know the one where the president lives..."
Me: "Oh you mean the WHITE's in Washington DC"
Holden: "no I know where it's in the United States of America!"

He's 3 people! I guess our preschool money is going to good use:-) BTW at the library we picked up a book on America:-) BUT he is more interested in our Reptile book.

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