Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Tea - With Kids:-)

So Tom's aunt and cousin organized a Valentine's we could have an excuse to get together and eat treats:-)  And the kiddos could have fun...Seriously they went all out...each kid was greeted with a goody bag with stickers and colored pencils, a placemat to decorate, and a bag to decorate as well...
Here is the loot!
So one of the twins was sick:(  So Aunt S stayed with him and Carrie and her other two boys came along for the fun...Since Aunt S wasn't there and we had the kiddos the tea kind of went to the wayside and we had a sort of chaotic time:)  The tea and the food was still yummy even served out of the containers they traveled in:-)  I guess when kids are involved there is not as much time to sit and savor the tea...but it didn't cut out the fun!
Beth got Miss A down for a nap, and Daniel was occupied watching the big kids, so after everyone else ate we sat down for a pot of tea and our treats:-)
Quite occupied by the big kids...he sat and watched for A LONG TIME...even after he toppled over he still layed there and played with Sophie and watched:-)


How many kiddos fit on a see-saw?


Decorating cookies has become a tradition at any family kid event...they love it...even if it's a chocolate cookie spread with peanut butter so the sprinkles will stick:-) (this time we had frosting...I'm just saying in case you have to compromise...not that I've done that!:-))




The day was BEAUTIFUL!  After a lot of playing and eating we ventured outside...where again Aunt S and Carrie had activities for the kids...including flower arranging and planting...although for a while the boys were totally engrossed in ladybug hunting!
Aunt S had returned after a bit, since daddy came to the rescue of the sick little one:-)
Holden swinging with his Ladybug:-)


Mr. O showing off his arrangment


A little chalk outline fun:-)

Holden modeling how well his "fits" him:-)
Such a great day!  Thanks for the idea Carrie, and all the hard work you all!

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