Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Activities...

This week our church had an open house that included an Easter Egg Hunt...Holden was EXCITED, and I felt better because he missed his preschool one due to our traveling...I snapped some pictures before hand...Daniel is wearing the same thing Holden wore his first Easter.  Love his face:-)

He was busy playing with these eggs and basket my mom made Holden last year...They are a big hit...MJ and Holden have hid them all over the house a million times...I am quite sure I will find some hidden well past Easter!

Holden was playing with his trains...I am loving the natural light that comes in our front room! It would does make a great natural light studio!:-)

Lately when I am taking anyone else's photo Holden wants to get in on the action...this is his "pose" pictures anyone? LOL I love this kid...

Then Daniel hammed it up trying to get his turn again:-) My boys are so cute!

So after church we had our open house, with food, a bounce house, water balloons, oh and for Daniel...Uncle Rob our good friend who loves our kiddos so much:-)  He was excited Daniel LOVED much he napped on him through most of the festivities...such a sweet time...I've said it before but there is something about watching other people love on your kids:-)

Holden got the bounce house all to himself for a while...he had a blast:-)

Here he is trying to convince his friend Mr. N to come in too...I dont think it worked:-)

Still snoozing with Uncle Rob!

Look how relaxed he is:-)

...And here is MP...She is the only babysitter that Holden has had (besides family of course)  he LOVES her she watched him a few times this summer...and he talked about it for days!  The whole P family is pretty awesome, and she is great we love her!  She is always seeking the kids out and helping them feel more comfortable...Holden is found on her lap often at things that involve LOTS of kiddos...

He woke up!

At long last the egg hunt! This year Holden knew what was in them...and he knew he wanted many...It was fun!

Yesterday was also Tom's birthday, we celebrated with family, and BBQ and a homemade ice cream cake...he was very loved:-) You will have to believe me as I took NOT ONE photo! We love our daddy-o!

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