Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring in the Desert...

We took a trip, a whirlwind trip...just me and the little boys...WHAT.WAS.I.THINKING...I am SO glad we did it BUT I am so glad to be home!

My oldest and dearest friend April, had a baby boy Feb 24...My sweet roommate from college Jana, had a baby boy in October, another sweet roommate from college Amber, had a baby boy January 2007, and now is due soon with another little baby...My brother and his wife had never met Daniel...although their kids had, and my grandparents, well they have a lot going on and they can't travel anymore. SO why not a trip downsouth? And why not try to do it all? and in 5 days?

5 seems SO long when you are planning and so short when you are doing...just like flying with a 3 year old and a 7 month old SEEM like a good idea, and then the doing...well the 3 year old was a ROCKSTAR!  the 7 month old, not so much...he cried 2/3 of the way down only to fall asleep as we started our descent!  thank goodness for 1.5 hour flights!

SO we arrived in the desert (all the pics are from there...I brought my camera, just did too much visiting and no shooting!  good thing I have the iphone!)

Holden jumped right in!  Playing with all grandma's toys...My mom has great toys:-)  He chatted with his great grandparents and was just a great traveler, he is SO fun!  Daniel only wanted to be in my arms, rejected all solid food except for the fried zucchini (don't worry I peeled the breading off!), and gave up sleeping the entire trip.  He still was ready with smiles as long as I was holding him:-)  This is when I really LOVE my carrier!

OK so Daniel slept A.LITTLE.BIT!

Luckily while in the Desert before jaunting over to San Diego we got in a visit to the Children's Museum...Holden talks about this place all the time when we are at home...he has been planning on going since we talked about the trip...He loves the Pizza Parlor, and the Motorcycle, the Pulley, and just looking at all the stuff...

After a couple days in the desert we headed to San Diego. We got to my brother's house everyone else headed out to a baseball game and I headed down to South County to see my friend April and baby Greyson...and of course Justin her husband:-) I love April and Justin, and now of course baby Greyson! We chatted for quite awhile, I love friends that you just sort of start chatting the moment you see them till you have to go...apparently we had so much to say...I did a lot of bouncing and jogging with Mr. D...but the time was so sweet...I am so glad I got to see him at just a few weeks old!

After our visit we headed back up to Matthew and Paula's for dinner where I was informed that when Aunt Paula handed Holden his Sprite, he informed her, "My mom does let me have soda..." and he proceeded to drink my dad's water. Paula later told me she thought she was being so good getting something with no caffeine and no coloring...I am surprised he said anything, because we do give him sips of our occasional sodas, so its not like we don't let him drink any, and we have just never given him a whole one...but I am pretty sure he has never asked for one either...who knows?

He loved the sewing machine and the typewriter...wanted to know how they worked...AND wanted to make the needle go up and down automatically...

The next day we headed back to my folks in the desert by way of Irvine so I could visit with two of my college roommates. It was fun seeing everyone and hanging out...I loved meeting Oslo, and Hayden. Hayden I feel like I know through his mom's it was fun to finally meet him.

We got to my parents and visited with the great grandparents for a while and then the next day it was time for us to return home...a serious whirlwind...BUT totally worth it to see great friends and family. I love my brother's family and wish we lived closer and could see each other more...I am quite sure Paula and I would hang out often!

I do think it is hard seeing my grandparents age, but the hard part is FAR outweighed by the joy I have in seeing Holden and Daniel with them, and knowing that they have a chance to know the only great grandparents they have.

Grandma is SO fun!

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