Friday, April 02, 2010

8 Months...

8 Months?  Really? 2/3rds of a year?  WOW!  It's gone by SO fast...I hope I can cherish all these firsts!  Here is 8 months according to Daniel::

:: weight = a lot for his age, height = TALL::
::  Solids have given him a bit of a problem...If you see me regularly you know what I am talking about...We are working on it...He likes a bunch of stuff...but we have decided any cereal and bananas are OFF LIMITS::
:: still FAR from sleeping through the night, BUT we have had some longer stretches so hopefully when teething and the solids problem are long gone we will have sleep:-)::
:: STILL only 2 teeth...but the top two are RIGHT.THERE. have been FOR.WEEKS!::
:: pulls up ALL.THE.TIME.  on EVERYTHING!::
:: rolls, scoots and generally moves every which way without actually crawling!::
:: still no words yet ::
:: I am surprised I said last month that he puts all things in his mouth...doesn't really do that anymore::
:: LOVES the jumper, and examining all toys ESPECIALLY big brother's:-)::

He like his brother has captured my heart, I look forward to what this next few months on the way to 1 yr. will look like.  I miss my sleep, but he is totally worth it!  And the time spent with him is SO rich:-)

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