Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday...

Easter Sunday as we got ready for church I taught Holden about "He is risen!" "He is risen indeed!" He had a lot of fun with it, and tested it out on all the family...How was I supposed to know that not everyone does this in their church? :-) He was confused when others did not answer his "He is risen!" with the expected response:-)

After church we headed up to Tom's parents and spent a nice relaxing day with the babies get older I see holidays as being pure chaos with kiddos running around:-) SO fun!

"Seriously mom...more pictures?"

Uncle Josh works way too hard and needs more rest!

Ok here's a smile!

"This is my serious look"

Miss A was tired like her daddy:-)

Look at those teeth!

Daniel is experimenting with thumb and finger chewing/sucking...Holden did this and it never stuck...will see what happens with Daniel...

I made the boys matching shirts...was so glad to finish before Easter:-)  I was trying to get a picture with them together...but I waited to long, the lighting was bad, the kiddos were wasn't meant to be...maybe next time they wear them:-)

LOVE the way Daniel is fascinated with Holden and all he does...Holden loves Daniel just as much!  Its awesome to watch!

They were seriously done at this point...It was a fun day, and I love that Holden is totally old enough to get what Easter is about...I love when he tells the story of what happened on the cross in his 3 year old way...what a awesome privilege it is to watch these little ones grow...and to teach them about our Heavenly Father.

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