Friday, April 09, 2010

The Easter Bunny and Jesus...

I should have known I would have THAT kid...He is SO inquisitive and so into wanting to know why, and the truth...I just didn't really expect him to speak out on something so his cousin MJ...could've totally seen that but Holden...not so much.

What am I talking about exactly? Well, this Thursday when I got to preschool, Ms. Wendy pulled me aside and said, "your son! I just have to tell you...on Tuesday when all the kids were going on and on about what the Easter Bunny brought them, and all about the Easter Bunny this and that...Holden sat back quietly, took it all in and then slowly his hand went up...I called on him, and he said, ' DO know that the Easter Bunny is not real right?' I just said is that what you think Holden? and all the other kids, exclaimed, 'YES he is!' and Holden just didn't say anymore."

I said "really? that's so interesting because we didn't even talk about the bunny one way or another? hmmm"

She said, "I wasn't sure what to say to him so I just said, 'really? is that what you think Holden?' BUT the funniest part was his face and his little hand going up ever so slowly...he will probably be the one to out Santa next year!"

I loved it! I couldn't wait to ask Holden all about it...I was sure it was news he had heard from MJ since we hadn't talked about it...

So later in the car...

Me: "So I heard something from Ms. Wendy"
H: "what?"
Me: "She told me when all the other kids were talking about the Easter Bunny you raised your hand and said that he wasn't real"
H: " Well, he isn't real. Know how I know the Easter Bunny isn't real?"
Me: "How?"
H: "MJ told me!"

ah ha I was right!

Me: "Do you know what Easter is really about?"
H: "yep 3 things"
Me: "What 3 things?"
H: "God died on the cross, they put Him in a tomb, and then he rose from the dead! Those 3 things"
Me: "you are right, why is it important that Jesus rose from the dead?"

H: "so we could have a God!"

close son, close...

Me: "that's right so we could have a relationship with Jesus, and so that our sins could be forgiven!"

H: "yeah!"
H: "mom I love you!"
Me: "Thanks Holden, I love you too"
H: "mom, I bove you..."
He's so silly...

May he always look for the truth, and speak the truth...such a lesson to learn from my little guy.

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michael said...

That's some awesome, strong truth for such a little guy. Very sweet!