Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I HEART Jamie Oliver:-)

So if you have talked to me in person lately you have probably heard a little about food...I watched an epsiode of Oprah where they were talking about Food Inc...and Micheal Pollan was on talking about his "food rules"...It was all quite interesting and spurred something in me...I think it has something to do with wanting my kids to eat well...and knowing that I need to eat well for my kids to.  So I checked out In Defense of Food by Micheal Pollan, and read it.  I loved it!  I can't believe what a business growing food has become and how much we have altered the quality of our food to provide bigger cheaper food...it's actually quite eye opening for me to learn how different even live animal foods are from what they were 50 years ago.  And to learn how non-diversified our produce has become!  Not to mention the fact that processed food changes per the fad nutrionism...Omega-3's anyone?

Now I already shop fairly organic, I love to cook, and I am kind of crunchy:-)  But I love me a burger and fries and I realized I could should be doing more.  I am a vote with your wallet thinker, and I am trying to do that more...I have started baking a lot of our bread...whole wheat even:-)...and I also started watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution...I find it very entertaining and I am totally onboard with his desire to help Americans learn how to get away from processed food and cook real food at home.  And don't get me started on the school food...

Anyway that leads to the above meal...I checked out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cook book from the library and immediately marked about 80% of the meals as ones I wanted to try.  I also told Tom and Holden I wanted Jamie To come cook with us in our house:-)  Holden was fascinated by this and talks about it now like it is going to happen...:-)  Tonight we had the Quick Salmon Tikka with homemade naan.  it was SO easy, and amazing!  I was sure Holden wouldn't eat it, but he devoured the salmon and has said whenever I say I am making salmon he will say "YUM!"  This coming from a kid who usually says I don't like it when he hears what we are having.

SO anyway, our new menus include less meat altogether...more vegetarian meals, more fish, less processed foods (which for us is mostly bread products).  And definitely eating in more...trying to find easy meals that can combat the "I don't feel like cooking" nights in which we tend to get take out...So far the meals in his cookbook are quite easy...I made it harder on myself making the naan but even that was pretty easy!

Oh yeah and I started a small garden...from which I got the cilantro for the meal tonight...I love that!  Just thought I would share:-)

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proverbs3vs5 said...

Awesome, Anna. We started watching the Food Revolution too and got hooked. It is very entertaining. Keep on being a good food remodel. We love our garden too and proud that our son knows how to identify cilantro. :)
Tina D