Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Perfect Saturday

So today was kind of our mother's day at our house. Tom plays worship on most Sundays so no sleeping in on actual Mother's Day:-) So anyway, Tom got up with the boys, headed to the market and then made the awesome stuffed french toast you see was this recipe...YUM!

After breakfast we headed out for a short walk, stopping of course at the park for Holden:-)  Daniel wasn't too impressed...BUT look how cute he is sleeping!  Love his little lounging leg!

Holden got some good swing time in, and then proceeded to run like a crazy man, for most of  the rest of the walk...which was cut short due to a fall and scraped he rode in the stroller on the way home...

He also got plenty of time on the slides:-)

Two of my boys:-)  I love being a mom!  And I love my boys!  I am blessed!

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