Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

All holidays that fall on Saturdays, are much better celebrated on Saturday for our family.  Our church meets from10-12 on Sunday, and Tom plays worship a lot which means he leaves the house at 8 am, and so we celebrate on Saturday...SO we let him sleep in, and made some coffee cake, Beth and Josh came over in the morning (side note, the girls had scheduled pedicures for the morning, before realizing it was Father's day weekend:) so the boys were on kiddo duty).  Tom has really started playing worship a fact I BELIEVE this morning was a rough one, and when Tom came down, I BEGGED him to play worship, knowing I needed an attitude adjustment, and worshiping God is the best way to take myself off the pedestal and put God back on it!  Thank goodness I have such a talented husband:-)

Back to the Father's Day...Daniel is such a groupie...He LOVES music, instantly stopping listening and then moving to his beat...he strums the guitar, Holden's ukulele and hits almost everything like a as soon as Tom brings out the guitar Daniel finds him, and follows him around...

SO Saturday we had everyone over for dinner, and handed out gifts...this year was a collaboration with me and Beth...we worked on the Daddy-O shirts (see below) together, and we finished a Mr. Fix-It shirt (not pictured yet...)for Tom's dad...

I thought we would just hang out on Sunday after church, but Tom wanted to head to the river...never a BAD idea, so we stopped and picked up a picnic lunch and headed out...I love how at the river, families all gather where there is shade and no one seems to mind as we are clustered closely together even though we don't know each other:-) 

Holden couldn't wait to get into the water, he quickly finished his meal and changed into his swimsuit...Even though the water was cold he didn't seem to mind and he loves that at the river you can throw rocks!

Tom, you are an amazing Father and Husband, we love you so...Holden waits for you to be done working so you can play with him, and your time with him in the pool this summer has been so fun to watch.  You have an insurmountable amount of patience and you teach them so well...I often think that as the father of two boys your job is harder than mine, because YOU are their model... I need to model too, but you are the daddy, who they want to be like.  And you do it so well...thank you for loving me, and our boys the way you do, and mostly for loving God in such a way that our boys see it in your daily life.  I know the boys will have a great example of a husband who loves his God and his wife selflessly and deeply.  That means more to me than you know.

Daniel, who is crawling, and putting every.blessed.thing in his mouth, was interesting to watch at the river...BUT he was happy as a clam, sitting in the COLD water and playing with the rocks and leaves...I can't believe how long he sat there!

We got to see this duck couple swimming down the river...they were so cute, and Holden was so excited to see them...

To my dad, thank you for your love...for teaching me about integrity, and quiet faith.  Through you I learned about hard work, setting your priorities, and most of all staying true to what you believe no matter what others think... I love you, I LOVE watching you with my boys (even though you ignore my rules;-)), they love you deeply, and look forward to every visit.  You are an awesome dad and I thank God I was born into the family I was.  I also am so thankful for the family I had the blessing of marrying into...Tom's dad is too an amazing man.  I love to watch him love on my boys.  He helped raise an awesome man, and for that I will always be thankful.  If you ever want to chat about pretty much anything, he is ready and willing:-)  I love that he respects me and my interests and have made them some of his interests...I am blessed and loved by the dads in my life:-)

This is Tom's first Father's Day as a daddy-o to two boys...what a special gift.  We are truly blessed.  I can't wait to see what else God has planned for our life!  Happy Father's Day!

PS in case you are wondering...I love the man and I am loving the beard...never thought I would, but I believe it has something to do with the man behind it:-)

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