Monday, July 05, 2010

11 months...

Wow! Where did June go?  AND what happened at 10 months?  I have some filling in to do.  BUT as for now, Daniel you just turned 11 months this weekend, and the past two months have been big for you...

These black and white pictures are you at 10 months...your 10 month was a blur of teething...let's review, at 9 months you had 4 teeth, now you have 12, well officially 10 but the other two molars, yes I said molars are halfway in, so I am counting them! MOLARS are hard teeth to get. These molars even led to your first, and actually our kiddos first non-well care Doctors visit. I had to rule out an ear infection you were pulling at your ears so much! And screaming from a deep sleep! So much for Dr. G and his ideas that babies are not bothered by teething...OH, how I would LOVE to give him an earful, especially when I am up with you comforting you my poor boy...

So other than teething, this is what 11 months looks like with you:-)

::You are around 21 or so pounds::

::You eat almost anything, although you are starting to refuse some foods...and true to your Robertson roots, you LOVE carbs!::

::Finally you have started feeding yourself! Its not clean but you get most of it in your mouth!::

::You let us know you are finished by throwing your food on the floor...we are working on is not fun for mom or dad::

::The bathtub is a GREAT cure for fussiness, actually most water is, even the COLD river:-)::

::This month you really started communicating, you will get us a cup from the cupboard when you are thirsty, you go to the highchair when you want to eat, you sign "more" and point to what you want. You have also started waving, which you love to do to everyone! Especially because you get such a fun reaction:-)::

::Smiles and laughter are abundant, especially for mommy, daddy, and of course BIG brother::

::You are standing all the time now, but seem reluctant to take a step, would much rather get down and crawl to get places. BUT this hasn't helped with the falls and bumps and bruises!  I think you have had 3 or 4 bloody lips already::

::Thankfully you are pretty tentative on the stairs, you have only gone up 3 so have had two falls on the stairs, both while in your parents arms...once with daddy and once with mommy...maybe you are safer on your own!::

::Our house is definitely full of boys! Boy sounds, boy roughness, you are a BIG wrestler and body slammer...although you do tend to prefer doing the hair pulling and body slamming:-)::

::AND the biggest feat in 11 months...YOU ARE SLEEPING through the night! It's been about a week and it seems to be sticking! Rough teething and all!::

::We love you and look forward to celebrating your 1 year birthday next month, AND big brother is turning 4!::

::I think that covers it:-)::

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