Monday, July 12, 2010

...In our House

:: I made this shirt for Tom for Father's Day...His was the practice:-) The one I made for Josh and for my dad, were much better...but they all looked great! ::

:: Daniel took two unassisted steps...while he was with Grandmere and Grandpere, we were at Aunt Sandy's pool with Holden...He hasn't done it since, I am trying not to be too sad...I hope I don't miss it next time! ::

:: Holden fell asleep on the way home from church yesterday, proceeded to sleep 3.5 hours, and then when he woke up he looked for us in our bedroom, changed his clothes and came down stairs (this was around 4pm). When I asked him why he changed his clothes he said, "I fell asleep in my clothes last night" Poor thing, slept so long he thought it was the next day! We are still having a good laugh over this...he was also hungry and insisted on cereal because it was breakfast time after all. ::

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Laura said...

I love this shirt!