Thursday, August 12, 2010

Train Museum

Today we took grandma and grandpa to the train museum!  Holden was VERY excited he ran through the whole place...We tried to watch a movie about how the trains came to Sacramento, BUT we had Daniel...

Holden couldn't wait to get to the part where the model trains push buttons to make them go...also there is a Thomas area with wooden trains set up for the kids to play...both he and Daniel thought this was great fun...I decided to go the snapshot route with this day...mostly because I am so behind and figured this would force me to be quick in editing:-)

He likes to pretend he is calling the train to pick him up:-)  But this time he did state that each phone said something different!

Waiting for the train ;-)

I tried to get the boys to pose together...hmmm not so much!

"Look at me!  I can walk to you mommy!"

Daniel protesting grandma's help...he's quite the spirited child already!

"Watch out big brother I can take you!"

We of course ventured out to lunch...this was Holden and grandma waiting for our table...Soon after we were seated Daniel did his signature screaming, and I exited said restaurant promptly..I knew he was tired so I walked him around outside until he fell asleep...By the way look for me on google maps street view for old town Sac...sometime in the near future I may be on it...the google maps cars, all 4 of them, drove by us like 10 times!

Daniel slept long enough for us to enjoy our food in peace...and then he woke up hungry!  So grandma fed him my leftovers:-)

"REALLY?, that's so interesting grandma!"

What a fun day!

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