Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Vacation : Day 1 in Idaho

Our first full day in Idaho started a little rough.  Mom and Dad were tired from our early wake up yesterday, and the kiddos woke up at their usual times, well and Daniel didn't sleep superbly to begin with.  Anyway, we decided we needed to head out the door and grab some breakfast.  We loaded up the stroller and started our tour.  We weren't sure where to eat so we perused the town a little before settling in at the Foglifter Cafe.

I am not sure our fog was lifted, but we all were well fed and had some coffee/juice in us before we left.  Daniel was still having a bit of a rough morning, he wasn't feeling superb yesterday or today...hopefully tomorrow will be better for him. I won't go into details, but Daniel ended breakfast wearing only his diaper, SO we decided instead of touring more we would head over to look at the beach quick and then head back to the cabin.

Daniel was of course asleep when we arrived, so we took him out and put him to bed, somehow, I fell asleep too, and awoke what felt like a short time later to him just waking up.  Later I learned he and I had taken quite a decent nap!:-)

We loaded the kayak, and our beach stuff and headed out.  Holden requested some sand play first, a little lunch and then a kayak launch.  Everyone was all decked out in life vests and Tom and Holden headed out for a first little tour, before we took the moody one out!  From that point on Holden didn't want to get out of the kayak, so as soon as they returned we ALL loaded in and took a tour, Daniel couldn't decide how he felt about the kayak...Again when we got back Holden wanted another jaunt, so I decided to take him out.  We went a long way and had a good time. 

Then it was time for swimming, Holden thought he had forgotten how, but with some prompting he was swimming in the lake:-) 

About this time Daniel was we packed up and headed out, to homebase, where while I made dinner Holden discovered a tree swing, and a dune buggy, Daniel was content to roam the deck and watch big brother...and of course play with the dune buggy when Holden let him:-)  Dinner was great out on the deck and we made a new friend in the neighbors dog.  My boys are in heaven:-)  You can tell by the amount of dirt that traveled down the drain off their bodies in the tub tonight, and by the silence we are now enjoying:-)  Good night, can't wait for tomorrow!

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