Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Vacation : Day 2 in Idaho

This morning I let Tom sleep in a bit, and the boys and I made some TERRIBLE (a serving spoon is NOT a tablespoon!), some eggs and bagels...Holden as usual, ate his cereal too (special vacation cereal...Kix... the natural aisle in the grocery store is outrageously expensive!).  So we had a liesurely morning, and then headed out to the State Park, and the beach.  But not before Holden got in some swing time, and Daniel, well he just dirt bombed himself...in his PJs no less!

This is what happens when you walk by Daniel and he thinks you should have picked him up!
Beautiful Payette Lake
Holden before I said smile...
AND after...

We decided we would camp at the beach for the day...Holden jumped right in!...Daniel was feeling much better, he was all over the place!  He even crawled right into the water!  we ate our lunch in the sand, and played for quite a while...then it was time to kayak...Tom and Holden went out first again, since we wanted some non crying kaytaking:-)  After they returned I convinced Tom I could paddle us out myself...all 4 of us...he was tired and it's near impossible to paddle with Daniel in your lap...SO we headed out...soon after I was feeling all my paddling from the day before and Daniel was expressing how tired he was...so I turned us around and we paddled back.  Daniel went for a nap, and Tom and Holden headed out on their bikes...
A little sandy?
Love the two of them playing side by side!
Tom thought there should be some pictures of me on this trip:-)
I decided I better roll up my pants in case I had to jump in...
AND I did!  Daniel just crawled right in!
Big stuff!

THIS IS my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!Trying to pull the Kayak out of the water:-)

OK I'm done!

Holden rode so well!  And so far!  He is really doing well:-)  Daniel didn't even sleep the length of their ride...SO I was ready to head back when Tom returned...I begged Tom to help me load the car, and the kids and I headed back to the house, while Tom headed out on what we would later find out was quite the steep mountain bike ride...we watched Peter Pan, Daniel learned a valuable lesson about pulling things off the counter onto your head.  When he returned we were all exhausted from our days adventure so we relaxed and had another dinner outside...I especially enjoyed it because Tom cooked it!

The boys needed a serious bath AGAIN, the sign of a fun day!  And we put them to bed.  Tom is humoring me by working on the puzzle I got for this trip...it's 1000 pieces I don't think we are going to finish...oh well...I love puzzles all kind, word, number and picture!  I am a nerd:-)

Tomorrow is sure to be another fun day...

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