Friday, October 08, 2010

Favorite Capture Friday | We had fun!

Those of you who know me know I was NOT looking forward to preschool pumpkin patching it alone again this year.  I tried to guilt Tom into it (I'm not proud of that) to no avail.  This morning I spent several minutes in prayer about it, I was REALLY dissapponted Tom wouldn't go:(  And I instantly felt God lift the spirits of my heart.  I have been kind of grumpy this week.  And I needed to turn to Him for my joy.  

Of course, I had a great time and Holden did too!  I think even Daniel had fun!  So now I won't dread the pumpkin patch!  I think I was traumatized last year ;-P  

Lesson Learned:  God is the source of our joy, not circumstances.  And joy can be found in patching it with a bunch of preschoolers and your toddler.  

And thank goodness for friends with cameras.  Uh yeah, that's me the photographer who forgot to bring my camera battery!  Thanks Catherine!
I'm so glad we went AND that I took Daniel!
God is good!

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