Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pumpkin Tales

SO we went to the patch with Holden's preschool.  I know I told you.  We arrived on time, only to find that I had forgotten to bring baby wipes!  And my camera's battery!  OY!  where is MY brain?  No worries, now without my camera I am forced to BE in the moment:-)  instead of capturing the moment.  Probably a good thing!
These pictures are courtesy of my friend Catherine:-)  thank goodness for friends who remember cameras, batteries, cards, etc!
So here we were at the start!  I should be honest here, either right before or right after this picture Daniel fell FACE.FIRST. out of the stroller, yep while I was right there...nice:-)

The class shot:-)  Holden TOTALLY got in this HIMSELF!  Last year I had to!  what a difference a year makes!

 Again, much better than the picture last year, looks like he is actually having fun, and that he likes Sutter which he does!

Waiting for the pig races!  Daniel was SO funny, he would scream, and yell at all kinds of things, the pigs, birds in the sky, but when the big bad wolf came out.  nothing.  silence. nada.  funny.

Picking pumpkins:-)  Holden said this was his favortie part:-)  Now he wants to carve them...but it will have to wait.  Last year I carved them too early and we had to do round 2!  Thats a lot of carving...

SO happy I went and shared this day with my two little guys:-)  What a great day.  I know they don't last.  I want to bottle up his sweetness, so I can keep it!

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