Sunday, December 05, 2010

12.05.10 | December Photo Project

waiting for the show...
Today Beth and I took MJ and Holden to see the Nutcracker courtesy of Tom's parents.  It was MJ's second time, Holden's first.  He loved it!  I couldn't believe it, he talked the.whole.time.  Not just talked but asked questions, here are a few:

"How did they do that?" the backdrop turned transparent so we could see behind it and then disappeared into the space above stage.
"How come she's the only one dancing?"
"Did the nutcracker REALLY turn big?  Or is that make-believe?"
"What is that?"  Fake snow. "What is it made of?"  I'm not sure. "It looks like powder.  Who is making it come down like that?"
"Is that sword plastic?"
"What are they carrying?" Flutes.  "Why are they running with them?  They shouldn't run with them.  I wouldn't run with one if I was carrying it."
"Why did that boy break the nutcracker?  That isn't very nice"
When a girl did the splits, "That hurts my legs when I do that."  "Good thing that's just make believe", no Holden she is really doing that.  "But the nutcracker turning big was make believe right?"
"How come her skirt sticks straight out?"  It's a tutu. "No MJ has a tutu the other skirts are tutus, thats different"  there are different kinds of tutus.

I seriously wondered if he could figure out the story or what was happening with all the questions, but he went home and told Grandmere and Grandpere all about it.  AND then he told daddy, and he showed off his new nutcracker, which of course he wanted to sleep with, I had to convince him he should just leave it on the shelf next to his bed:-)

What a fun day.  I love seeing things through his eyes.  He totally wants to know how EVERYTHING works, and why and how things are done.  Things are fascinating that I take for granted because I have seen how they are done.  It's fun!  

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crystal said...

I LOVE this post! What a great story to share-Thanks :)