Sunday, December 05, 2010

We are going on a TREE HUNT

Tree Hunt 2010 started out at cousin Carrie and Jeremy's house.  They live on what used to be a tree farm, I am told.  Jeremy offered us trees from his land...umm yes please that sounds EASY!  So we started at the house, the cousins had fun playing while we chatted.

The requisite "walking" shot.  I pulled a typical Beth move by getting her attention while she was walking and talking:-)

 Cousin Jeremy was ready for the part.  Here we are inspecting one tree option, I believe this ended up being Grandmere and Grandpere's tree.  As usual we were the last ones to pick our tree.  It took MANY trips around looking at all the different trees.

 MJ was of course dressed festively:-)  She fit right in with the evergreens.

Holden and MJ "in the trees"
 The moss on the trees was AWESOME!  I found this one tree...I would LOVE to do some photo shoots on this property!

The kids thought the tree was great too!

Argh!  Wish I would have thought while taking this picture.  I was in such a hurry to get the shot with them all, I forgot to change my aperture setting.  Oh well they are still a couple of great shots.

Daniel wasn't sure about the tree...he just wanted mommy!

 Cutting down a tree...this might have been ours, I am not sure now.

Oh yeah it was here is Tom carrying it up the hill to the house and our car:-)  It is beautiful.

Daniel thought the swing with Grandpere was WAY better than tree hunting, this is why the family property sounded SO much more appealing than a BIG jaunt typical of our tree hunts.   Daniel was also fascinated with the chickens on the property, not to mention the real steam train in the yard!  That had ALL the kids attention, young and old:-)
What a great day with family:-)  So fun, good food, and in the end we have a great tree to decorate and help us celebrate this season of Christ's coming.

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