Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Snow Day of 2010

We headed out yesterday mid-morning to enjoy a day in the snow...or a couple hours at least, we do have little bitties;-) It was quite a frigid day.  OK in the sun if you were moving around, but when the wind kicked up or you sat for a bit COLD:-)  Well in my standards!

We bundled Daniel up best we could...we never buy snow gear for the little's as their exposure is low...they don't enjoy it too much so we don't keep them out long...ANYWAY, he didn't want to be put down!  He would tolerate Tom pulling him in the sled, but NOT me...ME he wanted to hold him, THE WHOLE TIME!


The snow was BEAUTIFUL and DEEP.  Holden managed to walk on the top layer of snow...TOM and I we sank!  Over knee deep! We REALLY could have used our snow shoes!

Tom and Holden (unseen here) working on the run.

Daniel was happy to sit in my lap and "HELP" me take pictures, so that's what we did most of the time:-)

More work on the run, it's serious you know!

See I was there, and I make him HAPPY:-)  I cherish these days!  They are SO fleeting I know!

Someone (ahem...Uncle Josh) told Holden he could eat snow as long as it wasn't YELLOW or BROWN, So it is one of his favorite things to do while out in it.

"MMM Good!"

It was a fun day!  I am so glad we live so close to the snow, but we don't have to deal with it in our everyday:-)  Although some snowed in days would be fun!  Looking forward to 2011 and what God has planned for our little family!

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