Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Decemberness:-)

Let's see other than the photos seen in the Photo challenge we had some other fun parts:-)   When we gathered as an extended family to celebrate Christmas, there was also cookie decorating, WHILE listening/watching the Christmas story unfold through flannel graph (one of Holden's FAVORITE things)...lately Holden has just wanted to DECORATE the cookies and NOT eat them!  Yep definitely OUR kid!

LOVE this one while we are singing Happy Birthday to JESUS!

This month Daniel turned 16 months...I know no 16 month post...oh well!  He has discovered Legos, anything he can manipulate, AND has added a few words to his vocabulary, the words he did have are becoming increasingly clear:-)  I can't think of them right now...maybe 18 months will get a BIG post!

He still LOVES to snuggles, gives his brother a run for his money with the toys now, and SCREAMS if things don't go his way total DRAMA!

MANY days we stayed in our robes/PJs most of the day...AND some days he said "TALK TO THE HAND"  What a wonderful December was had in our house!

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