Saturday, February 05, 2011

18 Months...

Daniel turned 18 Months on the 2nd.  CRAZY!  It goes by so fast, and even though "babyhood" isn't my FAVORITE phase...I am trying to relish in it and soak it all in, as this is probably my last experience with it!  God is good.  I just read Holden's 18 MONTH post, and it makes me feel better, Daniel is a challenge right now, no fear, and testing, testing!  Good to know it gets SO much better.  I find myself loving the next phase better than the one before...I love being a mommy!
18 Months with Daniel looks a little like this:

::Tall and Thin, which I find fascinating because he is built SO much different than Holden, BUT yet they are the same on the charts!  33" tall, 23.5 pounds::
::He has the FUNNIEST run!  I LOVE it!::
::THE MOST infectious laugh!::
::Has just started to WANT to hold our hand while walking, before this he preferred being carried, or walking BY HIMSELF::
::Is a true comedian, NEVER thought I would birth TWO comedians...::
::Lots of teeth, but he is ORNERY I have not counted them::
::Eats A LOT of things and A LOT of it!  Many times I think he eats MORE than Holden::
::Favorite Breakfast: Eggs, Favorite Lunch: Peanut Butter sandwich, Favorite Dinner: Noodles, OR Burger::
::Everything he eats, he seems to think would also be great facial and hair products, he is MESSY::
::Insists on feeding himself with his OWN bowl and his OWN spoon, MESSY::
::Screams and won't eat if YOU try to feed him::
::Sleeps pretty well, goes to bed awake after nursing, sleeps until about 6am, wish it was later...::
::Is a ONE napper, would prefer, and he probably needs TWO, but as a second child he gets dragged here and there at the best naptimes::
::Gives kisses SOMETIMES, never when ASKED::
::FINALLY some more words are coming, I LOVE his little, "woah!", "uh-oh", and "Mommy"::
::LOVES books, often times I find them in Daniel's room in the rocking chair with Holden "reading" to Daniel::
::ALWAYS wants to be outside::
::is ALL BOY, wrestles, hitting, yelling, running, falling, all of it he loves::
::As I said NO FEAR, yesterday we had to leave the BIG park because he was trying to throw himself OFF the playstructure::
::Just discovered the joys of toilet flushing, and throwing everything down the stairs::
::Cuddles like no other::
::Seriously I love to be with my boys, we have wrestling, cuddles, running, jumping, car driving, dinosaur playing, and building EVERYDAY, who could ask for more::
::The brothers are QUITE the pair, and we have only had glimpses I am sure of what they will be like together!  TROUBLE::

Thank you Jesus for my beautiful healthy little guy.  We love him!

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