Tuesday, February 08, 2011

January...Or at least the end of it:-)

Yep, Once again we helped, (term used loosely), Verde Creations, with their design garden for the Home and Landscape Expo. Beth and I were here Thursday Afternoon/Evening, and Friday morning setting up, and trying to help (she really is much more help than I am:-))  Thank you Grandmere for keeping the kiddos for us!
This year it went much for smoothly, thanks to experience and Sara :-)  She designed this space, utilizing some pieces from past shows that they already had.
I painted the leaves on the wall...see I did SOMETHING:-)

LOVE this fireplace...in fact I had envisioned something like this in my backyard redo...until of course we talked about BUDGET :-)

The artists at Reverse2 brought some awesome art to "beautify" and pull Verde's design together.

Beth of course did an awesome job, with the finishing touches and color.

Don't you just want to lounge in one of those chairs and relax with a tasty beverage?

This year they included a fun area for the kids, complete with a chalkboard, climbing wall, sandbox, and a tiny garden:-)

AND finally their literature, hopefully a lot of people grabbed some and will call them:-)

SO fun, even though it makes January a little hectic, it is always fun to help!

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Jessica said...

WOW! Gorgeous! Makes me look forward to being a (single home) homeowner again! That's a lot of work - you guys did a great job. I'd totally have grabbed a ton of literature. :)