Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's day started with pink heart pancakes, with fresh strawberry syrup:-)  Yum!  And eggs of course!  Holden LOVED them...Daniel too:-)

Then before school Daniel attacked Holden with a bear hug!  Luckily I got it captured :-) MOST  of the time these boys LOVE each other to pieces...and I LOVE it!

Holden's class had a sweet filled party of course...And then they exchanged cards:-)

Here he is checking out his loot;-)

Our friend Sutter, both Daniel and Holden love him!

Daniel INSISTED he needed this lollipop!  
After the party I worked, and then came home and we made Pepperoni Pizzas...Holden's fav.  
And after I wrote this, Tom gave me the MOST romantic gift ever...He wrote and sang me a song!  
Goes to show you, God can do anything!  Since Tom has been seeking God first, and spending serious time each day worshiping and being with God, the changes have been AMAZING!  One being, he makes me feel cherished:-)  It's definitely different.  Loving God more can mean loving your spouse more!  Thank you God for giving me this gift of a husband who seeks you daily!

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Amber said...

And you thought that you guys don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Glad to hear about the song.