Friday, February 11, 2011

So The Tooth Fairy Came to Holden's Class...


SO Ms. Wendy had a dental hygienist come in and talk to the kids about healthy snacks vs. bad snacks, about proper brushing...AND...she brought the TOOTH FAIRY.  hmm...We don't do Santa, or the Easter Bunny...I am sure we are not going to tell him the tooth fairy is REAL...BUT he listened intently, and came home and reported to me all about her tooth castle, how she lives at the north pole with Santa and his elves, how she flies only at night when she uses her fairy dust...AND listen for it...SHE GIVES YOU MONEY, he actually said dollars (yikes!), when she take your teeth!...Now I am not a total kill joy...I will leave my kiddos a little something for their teeth...BUT I am not going to tell him the tooth fairy is real...BUT then again I just listened and didn't correct him when he told me ALL about her OVER and OVER.  Hey, you are only young once, right?  He seemed to forget I was RIGHT there when she was talking!...He was probably blinded by her beauty ;)

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