Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Goodbye little ragmuffin:( Hello big boy!

When we got home from our Napa trip, Holden was requesting a haircut, AND as much as I LOVED the ragmuffin look, it was bothering him as it was in his eyes, and I knew I would want to cut it for summer, SO, Tom got out the clippers and we said goodbye for a while to the long hair.  

Of course I documented it all, as Holden said, "So in case you want to remember me with long hair?"

Showing the back...

First go...

Goodbye hair:(

I asked Tom to leave the top long, I was going to try to do something with it that was different, and leave it a little long, more skater than military cut, BUT alas I am NOT a hairdresser and so the clippers returned and it all went:(  I have a serious aversion to him looking like every other little boy, oh well.

Of course monkey see monkey do, I mean what big brother does little brother wants to, SO we had to use the clippers on Daniel too...he INSISTED!

Finishing up Holden...How did HE get SO BIG! 

I'm just not sure...sorry I have no words...

All this excitement has me all tuckered out!

Of course daddy cut his own hair too, SO as Holden says to EVERYONE, "We all got haircuts, except for Mommy!"  Thank goodness Tom didn't cut my hair with the clippers!   Can you imagine!

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