Thursday, March 17, 2011

They came...

The Leprechauns of course!  Holden was SO excited to go to preschool this day, he just KNEW they would come and leave a pot of gold, chocolate coins of course.  And when we arrived the room was a mess, and excitement abounded.  

Apparently some of the leprechauns were so crazy one of them left their shoes behind!  This is actually the only reason I have pictures:-)  My friend Catherine, couldn't be at drop off so she asked me to get a shot of Mr. S with the green shoes...this was all I could should have seen his first face:-)

Holden is hard to get pictures of at school now, because as soon as we get there he is off and running, I have to chase him to get anything:-)  I am so glad he loves school!

Here he checks to see if the shoes match the green footprints that were left EVERYWHERE.  Ms. Wendy really goes all out!  We LOVE her!

Holden of course informed me that Leprechauns ARE REAL!  He is SO cute!

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