Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool's

I am not one of those moms who celebrates every holiday with decorations, sometimes they barely get acknowledged except for the preschool parties!  I am not proud of it, BUT they ALWAYS sneak up on me!  Take April Fool's I never ever think of it early enough to plan ANYTHING fun or tricky...Most years it passes without any thought.  So I was quite surprised when Holden awoke this morning with a sentence like, "Oh mom don't forget it's April Fool's today"

Me: "What?  How do you know about April Fool's?"
Holden:  "Grandmere told me"
Me:  "what do you do on April Fool's?"
Holden:  "You trick people, like tell them they have a bug on them and then say, 'I fooled you!'"
Me: "Oh"
Holden: "And sometimes you can small sheet the bed"
Me: "What's small sheet the bed mean"
Holden: "Well you fold it down at the bottom, so when they put there feet in they can't pull the sheet up to cover them!"
Me:  " who told you about that?"
Holden: "I can't remember...Oh was that man, the one who lives with Aunt Sandy.."
Me: "You mean Uncle Butch?"
Holden: " yeah he told me"

So now my son, my 4 year old, might actually know more trickery than I do!  He cracks me up!

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