Saturday, April 02, 2011

Couch to 5K: Accomplished!

Remember back in December, when I said I had started running?  I was doing the Couch 2 5K program.   I did it a lot slower than the recommended 2 months.  I think I finally hit 3 miles midway through March.  AND it was only after I signed up for a 5K fun run, which I ran TODAY!  YAY!  I finished it!

The family BEFORE...I was totally anxious, embarrassed by my
12 min/mile pace, sure I would come in dead last, or just look like a fool.  Amazing what your mind does when you let the lies in.  Needless to say I was totally not allowing myself to be proud of finishing, proud that in December it hurt me to run/walk, mostly walk for 20 minutes at a time.  TOTALLY lame.  Tom was tired of my groaning about it.  I just needed to get out there and run it and be happy with the accomplishment:-)  So I spent time this morning praying...AND then we headed to the race.  Luckily I had friends who were running the race too, and friends who came out to support me!  I felt the LOVE!

finish line:-)

AND miracle of miracles, God was seriously with me the whole way!  I finished, and...I ran it with less than a 10:30 minute mile!  One mile at 10:00 flat!  I couldn't believe it!  Go me!  Apparently, (cough, cough) I am a BIT competitive, and it makes me run faster:-)

The family AFTER.  I don't look too exhausted!  I am ready to sign up for the next one!  AND I will be ready  for the 10K I plan on running in October, I may have caught the bug!  I LOVE how God teaches and refines you in all aspects of your life if you seek Him and let Him do His molding:-)

What a great day!

This week my goal is to run that pace ON MY OWN, with no race:-)

BY the way this counts as my APRIL 2

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MerrittTimes said...

AWESOME!!! You look like a natural. You are an inspiration Anna. Great job!