Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Boys Built me a Garden

I have DREAMS, dreams of becoming an urban farmer, of growing our own food, raising chickens, maybe having a goat.  BUT I live in a gated community (sorry couldn't resist:-))  SO we will have to settle for no animals, and just veggie/herb gardens...maybe some fruit someday...too bad I love my pool:-)
ANYWAYS, to the point...Tom graciously built me two more garden beds, one closer to the kitchen for an herb garden, watch out medicine cabinet, you are going to be outfitted with some home made concoctions!  And one over by the old one for more veggies, I MIGHT actually be able to keep up with our tomato eating this SUMMER!  I am one happy mama and wife, AND I got to clean my house in PEACE while everyone was busy outside!  Double plus!

Herb garden ready for soil and plants...

The beginnings of the veggie garden...

Soil in...Someone MIGHT need to tell Tom that the Pick Ax might be OVERKILL:-)

Gardening IS SERIOUS business...

Seriously our dirt here is like CLAY...tough to dig in, tough to grow in, hence the RAISED beds!

Is it bad that it is these faces that make me think Daniel looks like my DAD??? LOVE you Dad! 

Thanks Tom and the Boys!  You will get your reward as you sample the tasty meals this summer:-)

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