Sunday, May 22, 2011

So we golfed!

Our church had it's annual golf tournament to raise money for our VBS. I didn't play last year, SO that means it has been TWO years since I picked up a club, and played.  I was TERRIFIED we would be put on a competitive team!  Thank goodness we got to golf with our good friends Tammy and Andrew!  We had SO much fun!  It did make me want to take golf lessons though:-)

The winner of the tournament gets that lovely statue, which MUST be displayed in their home, according to the rules...NO FEAR I am sure we will NEVER win that!  We were shocked we didn't win the last place team prize!

Tammy had some rockin' new GIRLS only clubs complete with HOT PINK tees!  Yeah we LOVE them:-)

SO much fun!
Last time we golfed I wrote about it here...
apparently I didn't blog about it LAST time, but still it must have been THREE years ago because TWO years ago I was BIG and PREGO...

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