Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am a mom of boys...

I know it now...when the above little guy jumped out from my car as I was opening the door to get into said car, my first thought was "I have to get the bug catcher! Holden will LOVE this!" Now I will tell you that TOM caught him in the bug catcher, I DID NOT.  I am not a big fan of spiders...I like to let them do their thing and hopefully they will let me do mine.  

Holden thought he should take it to show Mrs. Wendy and his friends at school.  I wasn't sure how that would go over so I warned him that I might have to bring him home with me if Mrs Wendy didn't want him to stay.  Holden was ok with that, so off we went to school, spider in hand.  

Mrs. Wendy of course won Holden's heart again by letting him keep the spider for class, and letting him show it off to his friends.  I had told Holden we would look up the spider online when he got home to see what kind it was, and whether it was dangerous.

A nice friend at school told him it was an American Sky Spider, complete with the following line, "One little bite and it's victim meets sure death"  THANK YOU MISTER 5 YEAR OLD.  Holden wanted to make sure it was not that spider!  It isn't (like you didn't guess already:-))  We found online that it is likely a black and white jumping spider, you can identify it by the iridescent green chelicerae...I LOVED looking this up with Holden.  We have actually had a lot of time spent looking up garden pests and helpers, so we can identify them in our gardens:-)

After we identified the spider we decided he would be happier in the garden, and that he could help it by eating some of it's bugs:-)  So we let him go.

Speaking of gardens...Here is my new herb garden, close to the kitchen.

Here is the spider in MY garden
Some flowers I couldn't pass up, after seeing them at my friends, and then spying them at the nursery!

MY veggie garden and BABY plants:-)  It is exciting to have more space to plant!  

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