Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Yesterday, we had Holden's preschool graduation.  I know I have said it before BUT Ms. Wendy rocks!  Before this day, I really didn't see any reason for a "graduation" ceremony from preschool.  But, now that I have experienced it, it IS a nice way to end the year and celebrate entering into the kindergarten stage:-)  She had a slideshow, cake, BBQ, and a special memory from each kiddo...Holden was happy to participate!  He is very sad about preschool ending, and had a bit of a hard day yesterday.  I am sure once we get into the swing of summer he will recover.

Now me, I cannot believe I have a son who will be in kindergarten in the fall!  It's the real deal, I am a grown up!  I was so unsure about putting my little guy in preschool two summers ago, and when he got there and was SO sad for me to leave him, it took everything in me to keep it up.  BUT now, he is a completely different kid.  He LOVES school, and can't wait to go to kindergarten.  I give most of the credit to Ms. Wendy, whom I believe was brought into our lives by God, and my friend Catherine.  I never would have even thought about seeking out THE BEST preschool teacher, but Catherine told me about her AND insisted I request her.  So I did, AND Holden was 2nd on the waiting list that first fall, and he got in!  I am SO thankful he did!  Ms. Wendy LOVES her students, has a TON of fun in the classrooms, and manages to teach them somethings too!  Holden always comes home excited for what they are doing in the classroom...She even manages to have fun and teach when she has 16 BOYS in the classroom, her patience is never ending, she ROCKS!

Truly though leaving my son in her hands and with the great helpers they have had, has made it easier to grasp onto this milestone and appreciate it!  

This kid is TOTALLY ready for kindergarten!  When we visited the school he will be attending, for their open house, he traveled around the kindergarten class taking it all in, he enjoyed seeing the "pets", AND most importantly he TALKED to the teachers with ease...I know when I was his age I was extremely shy and didn't always talk to I loved seeing him love it!  AND he didn't want to leave, and talked about what "theme" his class might have (this year one class was under the sea and the other was swamp and sahara)...SO fun!

Ms. Wendy talked of how Holden was her class manager, letting her know when things were not right and keeping her on her toes...she loves Holden, and has enjoyed watching him come out of his shell and into his own.  He went from clinging to Ms. Danica, to observing on the side, to being a full participant.  I can't wait to see what this next season brings!

Thank you Ms. Wendy, for all you do, for how you love our kids, and for the care you put into teaching our kids.  Holden is so blessed to have you in his life.  I am sure he will want to come back to visit!  Especially, if Daniel is blessed to be in your class when he is ready for preschool, although I am quite sure they will be like night and day in the classroom, so good luck!  We love you, and are so thankful to call you not only a teacher, but a friend!

Daniel taking it all in, HE is ready, or so he thinks he is:-)  He told Ms. Wendy he would come and play in preschool with her, AND HE GAVE HER A HUG!  She was so excited, as he is often in need of a nap when she sees him and not always so social.  BUT he is becoming our super friendly guy:-)  He is very smiley:-)

I LOVE this boy!  I really can't believe he will be 5 in 2 months!  Time rally does go by so fast with these little guys!

Silly boy!  Seriously I am ALWAYS asking Tom, "how did I birth TWO silly, ham it up boys?"  I blame my father and his "class clown" like ways, always trying to make us smile:-)  BUT it is FUN!!!

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