Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Chimney Sweep...

This is the nickname we have adopted for Daniel.  THe above picture is a VERY mild example of how he looks most days.  You see this poor boy has allergies, a perpetual runny, and itchy nose.  And he constantly rubs his hand up his nose, and apparently his hand get dirty throughout the day, SO he always has a BROWN nose. On exceptionally bad days, his forehead also turn brown...mix that with the fact that he is ALL boy, and you have one dirty kiddo...Maybe he's going to be like that boy in Charlie Brown, the one with all the dust around him?  Who knows...But we call him our chimney sweep...Even Holden has adopted it!

Who does he get this behavior from?  Hmmm, I would be the one with a permanent white line across my nose (more noticeable when I was a kid)...and how did I get that you ask???Oh yeah it was from itchy my nose so much due to my allergies!  Oh well, at least he is cute!

The funniest thing is he doesn't notice it, until of course the other day he was looking in my mirror(I was trying to distract him while I got ready for something) and he noticed his brown nose.  AND then he says to me, face all scrunched up pointing at his nose, "mommy, dirty"  over and over again, he was so confused and concerned, I couldn't help but laugh because it is who he is, he always has that brown nose!

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