Friday, June 24, 2011

Daniel Time

Holden has been at Grandmere and Grandpere's last night and today.  So it has just been Daniel and me...Well Tom was here too, but he's working and a little bit out of commission due to poison oak.  I think sometimes, when you have everyone together, and are doing things with both kids, you forget to stop and appreciate each for who they are.  When they spend days bickering and pushing each other's buttons, it is sometimes hard to appreciate them as individuals.  BUT when you have time with just one, you are afforded that opportunity.  This is what I had today, and I cherished it.

This little guy is SO funny and loving, and I knew he wouldn't have big brother to entertain him, so I took time to just "be" with him.  I made pancakes for breakfast, and he stood on big brother's stool, and watch as I mixed and made them.  He helped me with laundry, helped me clean up.  It was fun eating our lunch outside and watching the birds too!

It was just. a. fun. day.


Now I can't wait for Holden to arrive home, and we can all be together.  But I am thankful for the little one on one time with this guy!  I had SO much with Holden, I have missed it with this guy! 
This is his cheese face, he says cheese whenever the camera is pointed at him now, BUT he doesn't always smile...some times it's just cheese...

See?  Also a "cheese" face!  God is SO good, we have two amazing boys!  
In other news:  Daniel is learning SO many new words, AND he is trying out names!  He is such a change from Holden's early talking!  BUT it has been fun to watch him discover new words and try them out.  He now has too many to count, BUT my favorites are:
piztaaaa (pizza)
holdo (Holden)
I Shee (I want to see)

He has taken to calling me "mom", I didn't care so much when Holden quit with the "mommy" early, but for some reason this makes me sad...maybe because I think this is the end of being called "mommy" forever and it seems to have come too fast!  Stop growing up I tell you!

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