Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looks like I have to buy some diving darts

at the end of LAST summer, Holden swam across the pool ALL BY HIMSELF.  I thought oh good he's a swimmer now.  Then the weather got colder, we went in the pool, NEVER, and he seemed to have forgotten EVERYTHING this summer.  He was fearful, stubborn, and too scared to even try.  But slowly over the last couple weeks he was progressing, but there were NO attempts to swim by himself.  But, we have had a lot of guests lately, guests who love to swim and who come with toys...LIKE DIVING DARTS...suddenly he wants those.  But that's silly HE CAN'T of course I tell him, I will buy him darts when he swims across the pool ALL BY HIMSELF again.  And low and behold, today he did.  And then just like the McQueen undies I am off to the store to buy the promised prize.  BUT MY BOY CAN AND WILL SWIM!  YAY!

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